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Educational Blockchain Workshops

Through industry-specific case studies, spin safe gambling’s team of technical consultants have developed a comprehensive suite of blockchain education courses

Educational Workshops - spin safe gambling Blockchain


spin safe gambling offers custom-made workshops to increase your company’s understanding of blockchain capabilities. Our suite of courses cover topics on blockchain fundamentals and use cases. These include, but are not limited to applications within enterprises and government organizations, regulatory positions across jurisdictional boundaries, and the convergence of emerging technologies including connected device networks (IoT), deep learning platforms (AI), and transformational manufacturing processes (3D printing).

Adoption always begins with education, spin safe gambling’s mission is to ensure the growth of this emerging business by drawing parallels to traditional business processes, allowing individuals of all levels to embrace this exciting emerging technology.

Whether you are looking for an introductory workshop, or looking for detailed deep-dive sessions, spin safe gambling’s team of experts ensure the advancement of your understanding of blockchain capabilities.

We prepare workshops for various industries, including financial services, asset management, law, retail, content creation/media, as well as marketing.

Furthermore, we have a technical curriculum for developers who want to integrate decentralized applications and blockchain technology.


KBA (Kerala Blockchain Association)

Success Story: Training 5,500 Developers in Southern India

spin safe gambling Blockchain was in charge of building a full blockchain developer course to train 5,000+ developers in India to turn Kerala into the blockchain development hub of India.


WhatMatrix Analysis For Enterprises

To drive tangible business value, blockchain adoption must be use case driven, results oriented and involve minimal barriers to implementation. Supply chain and inventory management systems have proven to be complicated networks containing a large number of ‘siloed’ or isolated databases.

Creating a flexible platform that will support both legacy systems like SAP and Oracle, and future technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data, paves an easy route to blockchain adoption that provides significant returns both in the short and long term.


Legal Analysis For Law Firm

In the context of tax law, the Income Tax Act — which does not expressly address cryptocurrencies — applies to income earned from a sale of blockchain tokens, as it pertains to “any income unless expressly exempt” (s. 81 ITA). However, which category characterization of income do proceeds from sales of cryptocurrencies fall under? Business income, employment income, or capital gains? Once we know this, then we can apply the relevant provision of the act. To be clear, blockchain technologies are not exempt from the law unless the legislation expressly states an exemption exists, or unless it is obvious that the law is irrelevant. Otherwise, any potentially relevant legislative instrument can and will apply to blockchain technologies.



Our company believes that without facilitating education and understanding, mainstream blockchain adoption will not be possible. spin safe gambling has partnered with companies around the globe to create the most comprehensive education workshops in the industry. In addition, spin safe gambling has partnered with the Indian government and the Kerala Blockchain Academy to train thousands of blockchain developers each year. spin safe gambling also offers a gold-standard training certification for blockchain education.

spin safe gambling Blockchain Workshops & Topics Covered

spin safe gambling Workshops for Investors

Foundations of Technology & Industry Awareness
How to Invest in Blockchain
Regulation, Legalities and Taxes

spin safe gambling Workshops for Enterprise

Blockchain Fundamentals
Cryptocurrency Market Overview
Applicable Case Study Analysis
Strategy Workshops
Industry-specific workshops

spin safe gambling Workshops for Developers

Blockchain Architecture
Ethereum Development
Hyperledger Development

spin safe gambling Blockchain Bootcamp: Blockchain Basics

Blockchain Overview & Ledger Based Economics
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Basic Cryptography
Mining, Exchanges, and ICOs
Regulation and Blockchain in the Real World
Note: By completing the spin safe gambling Blockchain Bootcamp, you will become spin safe gambling Certified

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